Tall Pines Campground & Canoeing
2715 County Rd 35, Bainbridge, NY 13733
Hillbilly Week & Redneck Regatta ARK Races at Tall Pines Campground
Binghamton, Oneonta, Bainbridge, Sidney, Catskills

Sample Activity Schedule - Activities & Events Subject to Change

Build Your Own Boat and Float in the Redneck Regatta!

$50 Prize for the winning boat!


The Redneck Regatta is all about creativity, so here are a few rules to consider when building your boat:

  • No boats, canoes, or kayaks
  • No motors
  • No pre-made paddles
  • Any manufactured items must be modified from it's original purpose and incorporated into a bigger design. For example, if you are using an air mattress you cannot just float the air mattress down the river, but you must use it as part of a larger raft design.