Tall Pines Campground & Canoeing
2715 County Rd 35, Bainbridge, NY 13733

Campground Rules & Information Welcome!!

We hope you will enjoy your stay with us! If you have any question or problems, please feel free to bring it to our attention. There is always some one available to help you! We want to make your stay both pleasant and comfortable. If you need any information, please feel free to inquire at the office. Your cooperation in following a few simple rules will help to make everyone's stay at Tall Pines Campground an enjoyable experience.


CHECK IN: 3PM. Check in before 3pm is only available if site is vacant and cleaned. Please add an additional $3.00 per hour for early check-in. Credit cards are charged for balances due at the close of business on the day of arrival if camper is arriving after hours.

CHECK OUT: 11AM. Late check out from 11am-2pm is available at no charge with manager's approval. Sites must be vacated by 2pm to accommodate newly arriving campers. Sites occupied past 2pm will be charged $5.00 per hour.

Sorry, but early check in or late check out is NOT AVAILABLE for RV RENTALS

Campground Regulations


§     PARKING: Campsites permit a maximum of 1 camping unit and 1 vehicle on the site. Extra vehicles may be parked in the parking lots. All vehicles must display a valid campground parking permit. A vehicle without a proper parking permit is subject to tow at owner's expense. Vehicles must not block road, turn around area, or adjacent site(s). Vehicles should only be driven on the roads. STAY OFF GRASSunless necessary to park at your site. ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES IN TENT AREA. All drivers must have a valid license.

§     POOL: No lifeguard is provided. Swimming is at your own risk. Never Swim Alone. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present at this facility whenever this swimming pool is in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or other similar adult who is responsible for the children and their behavior. In an Emergency, notify the facility operator and contact help as soon as possible. A free telephone is provided at this facility in the store. Telephone numbers for the nearest emergency medical services are posted. Only use this facility during hours of operation. Don’t drink alcohol and swim. Pull Ups must be worn by non-toileting children. No pets in the pool area. Pool closed at dusk and in bad weather.

§     VISITORS: Prices include 2 adults & 2 children under 18; extra overnight guests are $7 per person per night, day visitors are $5 per person. The maximum daytime site occupancy is 8 persons, nighttime site occupancy is 6 persons. Check out time for day visitors is 10pm.Overnight visitors need to check out by 2pmof the following day. Visitors may not bring pets into the park. ALLguests must register AND HAVE A CAR PASS (even if covered by a seasonal guest pass). Unregistered cars are charged to your site at the rate of $25/car.

§     PETS: Domestic Pets are welcome, but must be kept on a short leash (6' and under) and deposits picked up immediately. Please do not leave pets unattended. Noisy or aggressive pets, or pets found off leash, will be asked to leave. Current Rabies vaccination must be provided.

§     CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and assume financial responsibility for damage or injury caused by them, regardless of age. Staff is not responsible for children left unattended. Do not leave children under 18 alone on the campground.

§     DAMAGE & VANDALISM. Any damages will be charged to your account. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

§     BICYCLES: Please wear helmets & don’t ride after dark.

§     WI-FI: Free wireless internet is available in the rec hall

§     QUIET HOURS:Quiet hours are from 11pm-7am.Children & teenagers should return to their sites by 10pm.

§     QUIET ENJOYMENT:Radios should not be played loud enough to be heard off your site at anytime. Your neighbors may be seeking a peaceful, quiet camping experience- please be respectful.

§     TRASH PICKUP is daily from 10am-12noon. Please bag trash and set in front of your campsite. Place recyclables in appropriate bins(recycle deposit items separately).  Trash service is ONLY for campground garbage.

§     ELECTRIC:  30 amp service will support 1 heating or cooling appliance at a time (each device uses 20 amps at start up). 50 amp service will support 2 appliances. A fee of $5 per night is applied for use of electric heaters

§     PUMP OUTs:Septic service is available from 1-3pmdaily (except Saturdays) or on a staff available basis. Sign up before 10amfor service that day. Service is $20 for regularly scheduled pump outs or $30 for emergencies.

§     GREY WATER may not be drained on the ground. Please use dish sink located on outside of bathhouse.

§     WATER: PRESSURE REGULATORSare suggested.         No Washing Cars, RVs, or otherwise wasting water.

§     CAMPFIRES: Firewood is available at the store. Due to state regulations an official DEC SICS form or a receipt from a vendor of less than 50 miles awaymust be on file for any TRANSPORTED firewood. No pallets or lumber may be brought to the campground. Please keep fires small. Do not move fire rings or use them for trash. Don’t cut trees/branches. Moving firerings and cutting branches kills our grass and trees. A fine of $25 will be charged for moved firerings and $1/inch for branches cut!

§     CANOE TRIPS: Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the children.

§     RAFTING, TUBING, CANOE RENTALS, RIVER USE: Children under 16 must have parental permission and be supervised from shore or by boat by a responsible adult. Swimming is not allowed in the river; however you may use rafts, tubes, kayaks, canoes, etc. at your own risk.

§     BATHROOMS: In an effort to conserve water, showers are timed & cost 50¢. Use outside sinks for dishwashing.

§    LAUNDRYThe laundry room is located at the rear of the building. Soap is available at the camp store.

§    CHANGE machine is located in the arcade.

§    FIREARMS, FIREWORKS, BB guns, air rifles, paint ball guns, and slingshots are prohibited.

§    ALCOHOL: Tall Pines is a family campground, please maintain moderation. No kegs. Drinking should be confined to your campsite. Do not drink & drive.

§    SMOKING: All campground buildings are smoke-free. Please discard of cigarette butts properly

§    BEHAVIOR:  Management reserves the right any ask any person to leave, without refund, forany reason (including, but not limited to, disrespect to management, staff or other campers, excessive drinking, objectionable behavior, or violation of any campground rule or sign)



Cancellations are subject to the cancellation terms stated below and are charged to the credit card on file at the time of cancellation.



Payment Policy: Credit card is charged for 100% of the reservation fees at time of booking. Advanced payments made over the internet are always paid by credit card. Any remaining balance may be paid either by cash or credit card upon arrival at the property. By providing a credit card number, you are authorizing Tall Pines Campground to bill your credit card for the full amount of reservation, including any costs accrued while at the property, and outstanding balances not paid at time of departure.

Additional Payment Information: Reservations held with, or partially paid for, with a credit card are charged for the balance of the reservation at the close of business on the day of arrival. By providing your credit card number you are giving permission for Tall Pines Campground to charge any balances due to your credit card.

Additional Cancellation Information: Cancellation policies apply to all reservations. Cancellation numbers are required as proof of a canceled reservation. Please contact the property for cancellations or to make any changes to your reservation. Camper Appreciation Weekend cancellations will result in a charge equivalent to a regular weekend rate for your campsite applied to your credit card unless the reservation is canceled a minimum of 3 weeks prior to arrival.

Site Selection: Sites may be requested and every effort will be made to accommodate such requests, however Tall Pines Campground does not guarantee specific sites.

Holiday and Special Events Cancellations Policy: This reservation is non-refundable. Any cancellation is subject to a penalty equal to 100% of the total reservation fee. Any portion of a monthly or extended stay reservation which encompasses a holiday or special event time period is non-refundable. Holidays include Memorial Day, 4th of July Week, Baseball Hall of Fame, Labor Day, and Columbus Day

Non Holiday Campsite Cancellations Policy: Cancellations are subject to a minimum cancellation fee equal to one (1) days reservation fee if canceled a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival. In addition, Cancellations made less than seven (7) days of scheduled check-in are subject to a penalty equal to 100% of the reservation fee.

Monthly Campsite Cancellations Policy: Cancellations for monthly campsites are subject to a minimum cancellation fee equal to one (1) weeks reservation fee In addition, Cancellations made within seven (7) days of scheduled check-in are subject to a penalty equal to 100% of the reservation fee.

Seasonal Site Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds on seasonal site deposits or payments.

Non Holiday RV Cancellations Policy: Cancellations are subject to a minimum cancellation fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of reservation fee. In addition, Cancellations made within thirty (30) days of scheduled check-in are subject to a penalty equal to 100% of the reservation fee.

Non Holiday Apartment Rental Cancellations Policy: Apartment rentals are from Friday to Friday. Cancellations are subject to a minimum of a fifty percent (50%) cancellation fee. In addition, Cancellations made within 30 days of scheduled check-in are subject to a penalty equal to 100% of the reservation fee.

Non Holiday Canoe or Kayak Trip Cancellations Policy: Canoe and Kayak trip cancellations are subject to a 25% cancellation fee. In addition, Cancellations made within 2 days of scheduled check-in are subject to a penalty equal to 100% of the reservation fee.


RESERVATION Through Friend Reservations System Processed in Orange, California.



Firewood Alert: Don't Move Firewood! see details (New Regulation as of June 2008)



STORE HOURS (subject to change without notice)

Check in information is left in the night registration area when the store is closed.
Early arrival is $3/hour. Late arrivals must be checked in before 11pm

IN SEASON (Mid June to Labor Day)

SUNDAY 8:30AM 8:00PM
MONDAY 9:30AM 8:00PM
WED. 9:30AM 8:00PM
THURS 9:30AM 8:00PM
FRIDAY 9:30AM 9:30PM


SUNDAY 9:30AM-1PM 3-6:00PM
MONDAY 9:30-11AM 3-6:00PM
TUESDAY 9:30-11AM 3-6:00PM
WED. 9:30-11AM 3-6:00PM
THURS 9:30-11AM 3-6:00PM
FRIDAY 9:30-11AM 3-8:00PM