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Welcome!!  We hope you will enjoy your stay with us! Your cooperation in following a few simple rules will help to make everyone's stay at Tall Pines an enjoyable experience.


▪     SEASONAL RENTAL AGREEMENTSare accepted and renewed at the sole option of the owners.


▪     OCCUPANCY.Your seasonal campsite is for the people named on your seasonal camping permit and registered guests. Seasonal campsites are for recreational purposes only, and can not to be used for a permanent residence or business. Our maximum overnight occupancy per campsite is 6 persons; our maximum daytime occupancy is 8 persons. Larger groups of people may be allowed by obtaining permission from the owners.  This site may not be subleased, assigned or put into the possession of another party. In the event of an RV sale, the new owner’s of the RV will need Tall Pines Campground approval to camp seasonally and require a new seasonal permit. Early departure by seasonal guest will result in the return of this campsite to inventory. Rental after the site is vacated is at the discretion of Tall Pines and will not result in any compensation to the current seasonal guest.

▪     VISITORS.We’re glad to have your friends and family come to visit and enjoy all the facilities and events that Tall Pines offers, however, ALL VISITORS MUST REGISTER AND HAVE A VISITOR PARKING PASS (even if your guest is covered by a seasonal guest pass). Visitor parking is allowed at any of our parking lot locations. All visitors must use the front entrance and stop at the office to register. The use of the Anderson Lane entrance is not permitted. Visitors may not bring pets into the park. YOU are responsible to make sure that your guests understand and follow the rules. Visitors unable to comply with campground rules will be asked to leave the park and will not be allowed to return. Unregistered vehicles are charged to your site at the rate of $25/car.


▪     Are my Visitors Free?
Seasonal visitors are free up to a total of 8 people per site, INCLUDING everyone listed on your permit regardless of whether they are present or not. For example: if you have 2 adults and 3 children registered to your site, you may have 3 more free daytime visitors total; if you have 2 people on your permit, you can have 6 free daytime visitors; 4 on your permit, 4 free; and so on. Additional guests (up to the maximum of 8 people present) are $3 for a day guest or $5 for an overnight guest. Events where more than 8 people are present at a time are considered a special event and are priced accordingly.

▪     What is a special event?State law says that sites can accommodate a total of 8 guests and that times when you will have more than 8 guests at your site are considered a special event. Rates for special events are $5 per person for a day guest and check out time is at 9pm.

▪     How many total people can be at my site?
State law states that the total occupancy for day use is 8 people per site and 6 people can be registered to a site on a permit (except in the case of a large family with 2 adults and their children). We do make exceptions to this rule if we have advance notice of larger groups and can accommodate them. Please let us know if you plan to have additional guests or are hosting an event.

▪     How late can my visitors stay?
Day visitors may arrive between the hours of 8am and 9pm. Check out time for day visitors is 10pm. Overnight visitors need to check out by 2pm of the following day. Visitors staying past 10pm are considered to be overnight visitors and are $5pp

▪     Do I have to sign in each time I come?
People registered on your permit have already signed in on a seasonal form and do not have to register each time they come in (only the first time) and are free to stay for the day or overnight. Registered guests on the seasonal permit should have aGreenSeasonal Car Pass

▪     Do my visitors have to sign in?
All Visitors (even free ones) have to register EVERY time they come into the park (whether they have their own vehicle or are riding with you). Insurance requires us to have each person signed into the campground every time they come. All visitors should have a pink car pass which is good for the day or, if overnight guests, a yellow car pass with the date of their departure.

▪     SEASONAL DATES.The Tall Pines season runs from the May 8th, 2020 until Columbus Day Monday. Rigs must be moved off sites by Columbus Day Monday. After this date, a $20.00 per hour fee will be charged for breakdown and clean-up of the site, plus a $15.00 fee to move the rig to storage. 

▪     QUIET HOURSare from 11pm-7am. Children and teenagers should return to their sites by 10pm. Music should not be played loud enough to be heard off your site at any time. Your neighbors may be seeking a peaceful, quiet camping experience- be respectful. This is a family campground –no “R” rated music or profanity, please

▪     ALCOHOL & BEHAVIOR: In keeping with the family environment, excessive use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted. Intoxication, rowdy & disorderly conduct, profanity, obscenities or lewd behavior will not be tolerated! Disorderly conduct, public drunkenness or drug use will result in immediate removal from the campground without refund. Maintain moderation. No kegs. Drinking should be confined to your campsite. Do not drink & drive (including golf carts)

▪     VEHICLES AND PARKING.Parking is limited to 1 car on poolside, riverfront and riverview sites and 2 cars on hilltop sites. Vehicles parked at your site must be parked in the designated parking area only. DO NOT use open campsites or spaces for parking. VEHICLES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DRIVE OFF ROAD OR AROUND CAMPERS, BLOCK TURN AROUND AREA OR ROAD, OR PARK IN ADJACENT CAMPSITES. Visitor and extra vehicle parking is available only in the parking lots. ALL VEHICLES MUST DISPLAY A VALID CAMPGROUND PARKING PERMIT. A vehicle without a parking permit is subject to tow at owner's expense. All drivers must have a valid license Cars must be registered, moved weekly and cannot be unused or stored at campground.

▪     GOLF CARTS. Seasonal campers may park 1 electric powered golf cart at their site (quiet gas carts may be allowed with prior approval.) DRIVERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER & HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE. Golf carts must be registered with the office and proof of liability insurance must be provided. Speed limit is 5mph. Do not drink & drive or drive under the influence; drive only on the roads and should avoid driving on the grass; lights are required for nighttime driving; all carts must be charged using your metered electric. Campers found in violation of these rules will be asked to bring their golf cart home for the remainder of the season.

▪     INSURANCE.Seasonal campers agree to carry their own insurance on campers and vehicles to protect against theft, pilferage, fire, wind, flood and vandalism. The Campground Owners are not responsible for loss.

▪     DAMAGE & VANDALISM. Any damages will be charged to your account. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

▪     SITE MAINTENANCE & MOWING. We hope you’ll take pride in your campsite.

1.MOWING & MAINTENANCE:You are responsible to mow and weed eat your campsite and maintain your gardens weekly. Tall Pines staff is happy to help you keep your site maintained at no charge if you can’t, however arrangements should be made in advance. Whenever you are away, please make sure your yard, hoses, & parking area are cleared of any items that would impede our mowers/weed eating equipment and your picnic table is on the patio. Tall Pines is not responsible for damage caused by mowing or weed eating

2.POWER EQUIPMENT:    Power tools, mowers or weedwackers may not be used Holiday weekends, Fridays after 6pm, anytime Saturday, or Sunday before 12pm

3.SITE IMPROVEMENTSmust be approved by the Owner and become the property of Tall Pines.  Gardens must be approved by management and need to be weeded regularly and maintained. Gardens that are unkempt or impede with mowing will be removed.

4.CLEANLINESS:We maintain a beautiful, natural setting and seasonal campers are expected to keep their site clean and orderly at all times. Campgrounds with many permanent sites often tend to look cluttered or messy. We strive to create a camping atmosphere, as opposed to a permanent residence appearance and to prevent our campsites from becoming cluttered and unappealing only items that you would bring on a weekend camping trip are allowed on your sites. This includes furniture, appliances, decks, sheds, fencing, etc. Some items may be approved for use while you are here, but should be stowed out of sight when you are away.

●        EASY UPS:Only Easy Ups 8x8 or less are allowed to remain up when you are not camping, and all easy ups or awnings that are left up should be securely anchored and should not impede with our ability to pumpout or mow campsites.

●        CAMPING FURNITURE & DECORATIONS:Camping furniture, decorations or other items should be stored on your cement patio or patio mat when not in use. Please do not put any decorations in areas that would impede with our ability to pumpout or mow campsites

●        ACCESSORIES:We Do Not permit any permanent structures, decks, sheds, tarps, non camping-related accessories, outdoor household appliances, battery operated children's vehicles, ATV's     (All Terrain Vehicles), trenching or digging, clothes lines (swimming suit line ok).


▪     Off Season- Seasonal Campers agree to move their RV’s to another site for winter storage if there is a possibility of flooding on their designated site.

▪     In Season - If Tall Pines feels that there is a danger of flooding, we will 1) attempt to contact you; 2) gladly offer any help that we can to any camper who comes during daylight hours to move their RV to a safer location (at no charge); 3) attempt to help any camper who comes after dark move their RV, however there will be a $100 charge; 4) make an effort to pull any remaining RV’s out of danger even if the seasonal camper does not come to assist, however there will be a $100 charge and we will not attempt to rescue any belongings until all RV’s and campground equipment have been secured. The clean-up of any flood damaged RV’s or belongings will be the responsibility of the seasonal camper.

▪     We have your permission to pull your RV off your campsite without prior notice if we feel that there is a danger of flooding. Tall Pines Campground will not be responsible for loss or damage to camper and outside or inside objects when moving RV, or for damage caused by flooding.

▪     OLDER RV’S – Tall Pines reserves the right to refuse any new seasonal applications for trailers / motorhomes that are 15 or more years old. If you already have a trailer / motorhome in the park more than 15 years old, this does not mean you will have to replace it; however, it will be subject to inspection by management each year to make sure it complies with our policy. All rigs must have approved and working holding tanks, valves and RV plumbing fixtures (no household fixtures). They must be clean and neat in appearance so as not to detract from the aesthetics of the park and your neighbors.

▪     WI-FI:Tall Pines has both streaming and free access available throughout the park. Streaming access can be purchased for up to 6 devices per site and is done online at wifinow.net and can be purchased for a low seasonal rate of $144 for the entire season (or $124 if you sign up with us at the time of your reservation). 7-day-a-week tech support is available. Devices may be added to your account by calling the 800#.

▪     PROPANE:Discounted propane rates are available to our seasonal guests and are posted monthly in the camp store. The only propane tanks allowed on the campground for seasonal use are those purchased and filled at Tall Pines Campground. No outside propane trucks are allowed down into the campground.

▪     TRASH: Trash is picked up daily from 10am-noon. Please bag your trash and set it in front of your campsite for pick-up. If you have trash that needs to be disposed of at other times, please bring it to our dumpster located by the small barn. Place recyclables in appropriate bins (recycle deposit items separately). Trash pickup is ONLY for garbage generated at the campground, not for household garbage.

▪     WATER:PRESSURE REGULATORSare suggested. Our water is metered by the Town of Sidney, please do not waste it.   RV & CAR WASHING is available by PERMIT ONLY.

▪     ELECTRIC:Meters are read at the beginning of each season and after that on the first of each month. Electricity will be charged according to NYSEG rates who currently charge a combined rate for electricity supply, delivery, transition and demand of 34¢. Electric bills are due by the 10th of each month. Bills not paid by the 10th will incur a late charge.

▪     RV PUMPOUTS AND GREY WATER: Seasonal pumpouts are automatically done for all campsites that have been occupied on a weekly basis (usually Monday thru Thursday). Additional septic service is available for a $45 fee from 1-3pm daily (except Saturdays and Holiday weekends) or on a staff available basis. Sign up before 10am for service that day. Grey or black watermay not be drained on the ground.

▪     FIREWOODis available by the bundle at the store or through our firewood vendor in bulk. Firewood purchased at the Tall Pines Store has been seasoned for 6 months to 1 year, while bulk firewood may be fresh cut.  Due to state regulations any other firewood transported into the campground requires AN OFFICIAL DEC SICS FORM OR A RECEIPT FROM A VENDOR OF LESS THAN 50 MILES AWAY FROM THE CAMPGROUND. Forms must be filed in the office. Wood must be stacked and kept neat on site. Only cut logs may be brought onto the campground, no pallets, lumber, or tree trimmings. Please keep fires small and put out by 11pm. DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS or use them for trash. Do not dump fireplace ashes in the river. Do Not Cut Trees or Branches.

▪     STORE CHARGE ACCOUNTS. Credit Card numbers are kept on file for all seasonal guests and may be used for store charges, electric bills, boating charges, and other campground activities. Any costs accrued while at the property and outstanding balances will be due monthly, or if you so choose, billed automatically to your credit or debit card. All seasonal sites are secured by a credit card and outstanding balances left over 30 days are automatically charged to the card on file.

▪     CHILDREN: Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and assume financial responsibility for damage or injury caused by them, regardless of age. Unattended children should not loiter in the camp store unless they are shopping. Do not leave children under 18 alone on the campground. Staff is not responsible for your children.

▪     PETS:Domestic Pets are welcome, but must be leashed (6’ and under recommended) and may not be left unattended. All pet waste must be picked up immediately, even in the dog park. Noisy or aggressive pets, or pets found off leash, will be asked to leave. Current Rabies vaccination must be provided.

▪     LAUNDRY ROOM: Laundry facilities are located at the rear of the main building for your convenience. A dollar bill change machine is available in the arcade. Soap and other necessities are sold at the camp store.

▪     ACTIVITY SCHEDULES are available weekly at the store. Message/mail will be left on night registration table

▪     RV MOVING.In order to have your storage camper pulled on site, you must contact the office no later than two days prior to your arrival. We will be happy to move your camper from the storage area to your campsite; however you will be responsible for leveling and hooking up your camper unless prior arrangements have been made. We will not be responsible for loss or damage to camper and outside or inside objects when moving RV.

▪     POOL RULES:No lifeguard is provided. Swimming is at your own risk. Never Swim Alone. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older, must be present at this facility whenever this swimming pool is in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck. There is no substitute for adequate supervision- Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or other similar adult who is responsible for the children and their behavior. In an Emergency, notify the facility operator and contact help as soon as possible. A free telephone is provided at this facility in the store. Telephone numbers for the nearest emergency medical services are posted. Only use this facility during hours of operation. Don’t drink alcohol and swim. Pull Ups must be worn by non-toileting children. Please dry off before entering buildings. No pets in the pool area.

▪     RIVER TRIPS FOR CANOES, KAYAKS OR TUBES:Children under 16 must have parental permission and be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the children and their behavior.

▪     RIVER USE: RAFTING, TUBING, BOATING:Children under must have parental permission and be supervised from shore or by boat by a parent or guardianor other similar adult who is responsible for the children and their behavior. Swimming is not allowed in the river; however you may use rafts, tubes, kayaks, canoes, etc. at your own risk.

▪     SMOKING: Campground buildings are smoke-free. PLEASE DISCARD OF CIGARETTES PROPERLY

▪     BEHAVIOR: Tall Pines is a FAMILY CAMPGROUND. Management reserves the right any ask any person to leave, without refund, forany reason (including, but not limited to, disrespect to management, staff or other campers, excessive drinking or drug use, objectionable behavior, or violation of any campground rule or sign).


Services Order Form


▪      ____  STREAMING WI-FI - ideal for streaming, gaming, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facetime, etc.                       $124 if signed up at time of reservation; $144 if added after 4/15, CHECK HERE & SIGN UP ONLINE in spring.

▪      #____  STAY & PLAY WRISTBANDS. $30/pp. Includes unlimited mini golf, animal floats, giant games, laser tag, river tubes, hippity hops, and more.


▪      ____ WINTERIZING $60 plus antifreezedrain all tanks, blow out water lines, add antifreeze

▪      ____ WINTER TEAR DOWN $40 closing awning, removing jacks/blocks, unhooking water, septic and electric lines, closing slides (if required)



▪      ____ STANDARD SETUP- $45: includes leveling on jacks and hook-up of water, electric, septic lines

▪      ____ DELUXE SETUP- $100: includes leveling on blocks, anchor awning, hook-up of water, electric, septic lines

▪      ____ DE-WINTERIZATION $25-  Drain/Flush antifreeze, open valves, inspect for water leaks

▪      ____ 50AMP SERVICE (sites 1-34 only)- $200              



▪      ____ ONSITE RV MOVING – FREE with coupon.  Transport from storage to campsite in fall and spring

▪     ____ OFF SITE RV MOVING-$50 hookup & $2/mile

WINTER STORAGE – FREE RV Storage during off-season is offered to those going seasonal again the following year and paying the seasonal deposit by August 15th. If the decision is made to not go seasonal, a storage fee of $10 per week will be charged from the date the RV was placed into storage during the off season, and $20 per week in season. Payment is due the 1st of each month. It is understood our storage area is unsecured and we urge you to carry adequate insurance on your camper for property damage.


Although we take extra care to give you the best service and security we can, Tall Pines Enterprises makes no warranty on any performed services and shall have no liability for any loss or damage caused to your camper or your personal belongings for any cause, including, but not limited to, RV theft, fire, hail, windstorm, flood, malicious or negligent acts, damage occurring while moving RV, damage caused by RV service, freeze up, rodent infestation, water damage, etc.


SEASONAL SITE RATES - (*Pay by 12/31 and SAVE $100 off List Price)

1.       WATERFRONT PREMIER FHU - (site 22), $2925 – (site 21) $2725; (sites 19,20), $2675;

– (add $200 for 50amp)

2.       POOLSIDE PREMIER FHU with view - (site 51) $2225 - (add $200 for 50amp); (sites 52, 53) $2225

3.       LOWER CAMPGROUND PREMIUM FHU with patio- (sites 32,30,28,26,24), $1825; – (add $200 for 50amp)

4.       POOLSIDE FHU – PREMIUM (sites 40, 44, 45), $1775;

STANDARD (sites 46, 47, 48, 49, 50); without patio or with patio you installed, $1675;

Any exchanged poolside sites with patio, $1725

5.       HILLTOP CENTER W/E (sites 54-57 & 61-66)

50 AMP - (sites 61, 62), $1600; (site 58), $1650

PREMIUM – (sites 66), $1525; (site 54, 57), $1475

CENTER – without patio or with patio you installed, $1450; exchanged sites with patio, $1500;

(discount of $75 for fence side sites)

6.       HILLTOP VIEW W/E (sites 68-77)

PREMIUM (site 67) $1600; (site 78) $1575

STANDARD: without patio or with patio you installed, $1500; exchanged sites with patio, $1550 


Water/electric sites include free portable septic service once a week (usually Monday through Thursday).

Additional septic service is $45 and is only offered on a staff available basis.


▪      Down Payment & Sign-Up.We want to stress the importance of the sign-up list for site selection for the following season (updated daily and available at the office on August 1st.) Campers currently occupying a seasonal site have the first option to sign up for a site for the following year. To do so, seasonals must sign up and fill out their contract by August 15th and pay a minimum deposit of $300 at the time of sign up. The seasonal payment schedule is $300 at time of sign-up, $200 due by 10/1 and the balance by 12/31 to receive the $100 discount off posted rates. All balances are due by April 1st and all balances must be paid in full before RV can be placed on site. Any unpaid remaining balances need to be paid by April 1st or camper will no longer be considered a seasonal camper and will be charged monthly rates for the remainder of the season.

▪      How Seniority Works:A seasonal site is offered to current occupant first, current seasonal campers second, and to people on the waiting list for following season third. If the site is still available, it is then offered to the general public. Sites are available to re-assign at noon on August 15th.





▪      Seasonal Balances are due on April 1st of the camping year, however a $100 discount will be applied to accounts that are paid in full before January 1st. Sorry, there are no refunds on seasonal site deposits or payments. Cash or check is preferred; payment by credit card is available for an additional processing fee.








* I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND & AGREE TO THE FLOOD LIABILITY POLICY                           ____________(initials)




▪      Abandonment.Any payment remaining past due beyond 30 days constitutes abandonment, thus giving Tall Pines Enterprises the right to seize and take into custody any and all property on the given site.


I HAVE RECEIVED A COPY OF THE CAMPGROUND RULES AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY THEM.I release Tall Pines Enterprises, their agents, employees, directors, and subcontractors from any responsibility for accidents, injuries or loss from any cause. By signing this I state that I am 18 years or older and that I am assuming full legal responsibility for all members of my party and visitors. Tall Pines Enterprises, DBA Tall Pines Campground, and Eddy or Gayle Bennett,  shall not be liable for any loss, death, or injury arising for or out of any of occurrence in, upon, at or related to the campground or any damage to or loss of property of the camper or of others, whether or not resulting from the reasonable exercise by the campground, campground staff or volunteers, including but not limited to, any liability relating to damages, direct, indirect or consequential, damages for personal discomfort, illness or inconvenience, and death, injury or damage to property or other loss resulting from any cause. I hereby indemnify Tall Pines Enterprises, DBA Tall Pines Campground, and Eddy or Gayle Bennett and save it harmless from and against all loss, claims, actions, damages, costs, liability and expense in connection with the loss of life, personal injury, damage to property or any other loss or injury whatsoever arising from or out of this agreement or any occurrences in or about the ark, the camper's occupancy of the campground or occasioned wholly in or in party by any act or omission of the camper or by anyone permitted to be on the campgrounds by the camper.  If Tall Pines Enterprises, DBA Tall Pines Campground, or Eddy or Gayle Bennett is made party to any litigation commenced by or against the camper, then the camper will protect, indemnify and hold the Tall Pines Enterprises, DBA Tall Pines Campground, or Eddy or Gayle Bennett harmless and pay all expenses and legal fees incurred or paid by Tall Pines Enterprises, DBA Tall Pines Campground, or Eddy or Gayle Bennett in connection with the litigation. This Agreement shall be binding upon the heirs’ executors, administrators & assigns of the parties hereto. Any costs accrued while at the property, and outstanding balances, will be due monthly. By providing your credit card number, you authorize reservationfriend.com to bill your credit card for the full amount of reservation (less cash payments) plus any additional charges. I give permission for any photographs taken during our stay to be used on the Tall Pines website, brochures or for advertising purposes.


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